About Somersault Music

Great indie music from great indie artists

Somersault Music began in 1998 with three CD releases by a trio of independent bands from Gippsland, Australia (Snorkel, Count The Weirdos and Dr Herbert). It was a paper-based, order-your-record-into-a-shop distribution label then but, as the roster grew, we switched to web-based distribution in 2002. Things ticked along nicely for the next decade - we never really broke even, but we were chuffed to support the indie music we loved and sell our little independent CDs to people from Finland to Argentina.

Why we changed how we do things

Around 2010, CD sales didn't just slow, they died overnight. We toyed with shutting down the site, couldn't bring ourselves to do it and just buried our heads in the sand for a few years. The technology was getting old, links were breaking and it was costing us money... but we still had plenty of great music that people might just want ...

We decided we'd keep it going, so we had to do it in a way that didn't break the bank. In 2014 we revamped it for mobile, utilised a free Big Cartel store for our latest releases and best selling acts, and made the rest of roster available by email order only.

An online, independent CD shop is a rare beast and we're glad we can keep it alive for a bit longer. So have a browse, you might find something you like, something unusual or even something you remember!

Get listed

We've always invited independent artists to list their records with us. In recent years though, we've been asking them to consider if it's really worth it first - listing with us is no guarantee of making a sale.

That said, it's still possible to join the site - after all, maybe the sky isn't falling. Plus it's dead easy, it costs you nothing, it's non-exclusive, and your music is available to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Like analog streaming.

Just email us for more info, or leave us a message on 03 5985 8636.

The fine print

CD prices - vary on this site because our independent artists each charge what they want - as it should be!

CD formats - except where noted, all CDs listed on this site are official independent pressings. Some artists offer CDR versions as alternatives and where original pressings have sold out (but we'll let you know if that's the case).

Packaging - all product is in mint condition when packed and all care is taken. Please note that CD case damage or cracking during transit is beyond our control.

Faults - any discs found to be damaged or faulty will be replaced or refunded on return.

Payments - can be made by PayPal (including credit card and PayPal account) or Direct Deposit (Australian orders only).

Shipping - we've set four basic packaging and postage prices to keep things simple. One CD is $6 Australia/$9 everywhere else, and more than one CD is $12 Australia/$25 everywhere else.

Delivery - please allow 5-10 working days (Australia) and 5-15 working days (International) for delivery via Australia Post.

Problems - we try not to have any but just shoot us an email and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Contact us

If you have any questions about orders or listings ...

1. Email us

2. Put a stamp on something and mail it to PO Box 399, Rye, Victoria, 3941, Australia