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Described as the 'pinnacle of indie pop perfection' and 'the Australian Wilco', Kinematic have been receiving pretty decent reviews in Australia and overseas since the release of their debut album Time & Place in 2005. Their next three studio albums are still available on CD. The 'impossible not to adore' second album, The 38th Parallel, was released in 2007 and continued their unique sensibility for simple, stripped-back and singable pop tunes. In 2009, the third album Kites unleashed an even more diverse range of sonic tricks, and their most recent studio album Kinecism starts with a folk song and weaves through pop, rock and even a 3/4 timing ballad before closing with the epic Slow Burn.

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The rest of Kinematic's CDs are no longer available through SM, but here they are so you know what to look for.

Starting Again
So Green (single)
Time & Place
Love & Graffiti (single)
Come Into The Light (single)
Live At Bakehouse (album)